RESTRICTED***SUNDAY CALENDAR STORY FOR APRIL 14, 2013. DO NOT USE PRIOR TO PUBLICATION**********These are provided for one time use only in the Los Angeles Times for print and one time use for web ONLY. News Service, Picture Sales and any Syndication OUT!! Valdes Peninsula, Argentina. 2004. Southern Right whales, drawn to the Valdes Peninsula because of the shelter provided by its two gulfs, the Golfo San Jose and the Golfo Nuevo, often navigate with their tails upright in the water. When a tail stands immobile for tens of minutes, it is probable that the whale is completely vertical in the water in a kind of resting position; it has also been claimed that the whales use their tails as a sail, allowing the wind to do the work. After close observation, it is possible to predict when a whale will jump: a sudden and swift movement of the tail provides the burst of energy that enables the whale to project its massive body out of the water. © Sebasti‹o SALGADO / Amazonas Images/Contact Press Images/Taschen.